About Us
Business Profile:
Polimil Ltd. is a leading Israeli distributor of card personalization and identity products from the top brands in the world: Entrust Datacard, Gemalto, CIM, HID and other manufacturers in the industry.

Since its foundation in 1987 Polimil Ltd. has become the leading supplier of cards, card personalization equipment, card personalization services, readers and identity products in Israel.

The business is divided into three main divisions:
A. Selling personalization equipment, identity solutions and supplies including customization, installation and maintenance services.
B. Selling card readers, cards, RFID products, card accessories and other identity products
C. Service bureau – card issuance and mailing services

Polimil covers a wide range of markets. By knowing our markets we are able to handle all the challenges that come before us.

Customers are banks, credit card companies, government ministries, government agencies, the Israeli army, corporations, high-tech companies, public companies, hospitals, healthcare providers, transport companies, airports, retailers, hotels, universities, schools and other users of cards and identity solutions.

With nearly 30 years of experience we provide solutions and services that meet the clients’ expectations by supplying high quality products, the very best solutions and professional quality of services. We help our customers by customizing our products to provide the exact solution to meet their present and future needs. We strive to set standards for excellence in service, providing best quality and service at affordable price.

In the last 28 years Polimil has become one of the most respectable names in the industry. 

We believe that our reputation is based on how we do business and serve our customers. With this in mind we ensure that our team is committed to delivering high quality services.

Services are provided by a highly motivated team always willing to give the best services that they can provide. Our team is made up of members who develop and use their experience to supply professional work.

Polimil takes pride in the fact that excellent service, commitment, dependability and integrity are our guiding principles. We feel confident that consistency and quality are the right strategy for success.

Please contact us for more information. 

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Company Address: 15 Gonen St. Kiryat-Matalon Petach-Tikvah 4925915 ISRAEL
Contact Details: Tel +972-3-927-1711 | Fax +972-3-927-1766 | info@polimil.com
Management Team:
Mr. Shmuel Rosner, C.E.O
Mrs. Raquel Rosner, Chairman
Mr. Yosi Rosner, Deputy C.E.O
Mrs. Tamara Levkovich, Sales and Marketing Manager
Mr. Alex Paxton, Technical Service Manager
Mr. Naftali Hacohen, C.T.O

Polimil Ltd is privately held